Wall Base, also known as CoveBase or Cove Base, is great way to complete an amazing commercial flooring job! Wall Base ties in all the elements of a finished commercial room. Today, there are various different types of wall base to choose from. There are more profiles, colors and finishes to choose from which makes it possible to design the kind of wall base that you want! Makes it easy to choose the profile and colors that go with your flooring space.

Wall base are designed for strong performance levels, not only for visual purposes. Photoluminescent wall base is designed for safety purposes for modular designs. It provides an outlet for routing can occur behind the wall base. Wall base is very beneficial especially for modular designs because it’s easy to install and uninstall with little time and no disruption.

Covebase or Cove Base can be vinyl or rubber.

The Best Commercial Cove Base Brands:

  • Johnsonite, a Tarkett Company Covebase or Wall Base Flooring
  • Burke Mercer Covebase or Wall Base Flooring
  • Armstrong Commercial Covebase or Wall Base Flooring