Naturally Beautiful Hardwood Floor Medallion Inlays are beautiful as a room’s focal point or as a decorative accent to any hardwood floor. Oshkosh Designs, a leader in custom hardwood floor medallions enables you to add a custom element to your hardwood floor. You can create a one of a kind, unique décor to compliment your flooring design. You can even combine materials to create a custom inlay whether it’s decorative stone, multiple species of hardwood and various metals and glass.

You don’t just have to go with hardwood floor medallions, Oshkosh Designs also offers custom decorative floor medallions in the following materials:

  • Natural Hardwoods
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Leather
  • Metals like brass, copper & aluminum
  • Parquet

Most people think that installing a customized hardwood floor medallion is a daunting task but it’s actually quite easily installed into new or existing wood floors 3/8 in. to 3/4 in. thick. Other things about hardwood flooring medallions you should know include that hardwood floor medallions are compatible with nail down, glue down and most floating floor applications, hardwood floor medallions are available unfinished or with Oshkosh Designs Artisan Finish™ and hardwood floor medallions can be customized easily with wood substitutions and/or overall size adjustments.

Hardwood Flooring Medallion Brands:

  • Oshkosh Designs